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Why Filmate?


Technology changes the way we live, including the way we meet new people. Dating app is only getting much more popular in this technology-oriented world. I’m sure you could name a few of them.

You have to admit that the ways we used to meet new people were outdated, boring and clichés. However convenient it is to use online dating apps to make new friends, it is sometimes difficult to strike up a conversation. What should you say when first chatting to a girl? What you should do on your first date?

That’s why Filmate exists. We want to promote another dating style: still so much fun yet a lot healthier. Most importantly, we save you from the embarrassing icebreaking moment. We figure out that relationships usually last longer if two people share common interests and we believe that watching movies is one of the most socially acceptable activities.

We live in a fast-paced world. We face this problem so often: it is either too difficult to ask your friends out for a movie or it is too pathetic to stay alone in the dark for two hours. There is another person out there in this city as worried as you are. Filmate connects you two through movies: you could share your laughter and tears of every memorable movie moment and build a perfect bond.

We hope your every other dates are filled with fun.




現代都市生活節奏急促繁忙,要約朋友一起去看部電影不知不覺也成了一件難事,但一個人看電影實在太寂寞。茫茫人海中,另一個他或她也在苦惱同一個問題。Filmate 透過電影將你們連繫在一起,為你們製話源源不絕的約會話題,互相分享電影中的喜悅與感動,讓彼此之間的關係更鞏固。

我們希望 Filmate 能讓你從此以後的約會都充滿樂趣。

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