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Why You Should Use Filmate Instead of Other Dating Apps 


Thousands of people use dating app to make new friends and find new dates, yet most of them don’t know how to choose the one that suits them most. You know why? Because they don’t know what they are looking for: an intimate friend? A long and stable relationship? A casual date to kill time? A one night stand?

If you like watching movies and making new friends who have the same interest, then Filmate is your dating app.

You get to know new movie friends every week 
New movies will be released every Thursday but you always have a hard time finding company to go on a movie date? How about dating your Filmate? Share the popcorn and enjoy the movie together!

Save you from the embarrassing icebreaking moment 
How to start a conversation in an appropriate manner just enough to arouse interest and not being mundane? “What do you like to eat?” “Do you like sports?” “Do you like the colour red?” Filmate saves you from all these clichés and boring opening lines because movies is the best pickup lines: “You are a Star Wars fan too? I love Darth Vader so much! How about you?”

Easy and convenient to use 
You don’t need to tell us whether you like playing football or whether you love traveling around the globe, you don’t even need to fill in much personal information and you can meet with friends who share common passion with you. Because at least you know that you two both like movies.

We are considering adding more functions into Filmate, such as in-app purchase and movie suggestion. Filmate is perfect for those who enjoys watching movies. You will never ever have to watch alone, again.


如果你喜歡看電影,同時又想結交喜歡看電影的新朋友,那麼 Filmate 就是最適合你的交友App了。

想看的精彩電影逢星期四就會在戲院上映,但總是約不到朋友陪你到戲院一趟?不如約你的 Filmate 一起去看吧,兩個人一邊分享爆谷,一邊享受電影時光。

初次聊天應該講什麼才能恰當地引起對方興趣又不會顯得太尷尬和老土呢?「你喜歡吃什麼菜?」「你喜歡做運動嗎?」「你喜歡紅色嗎?」Filmate 讓你不用再費煞思量,電影就是最好的開場白:「你也想看星球大戰?我最喜歡黑武士,你呢?」

你不需要告訴我們你是否喜歡踢足球,也不需要告訴我你是否喜歡旅遊,你甚至不必填太多的個人資料就可以認識到擁有共同興趣的朋友。因為,使用 Filmate 的你們的共月興趣就是:電影。

我們同時亦在考慮加入更多其他功能,例如程式內購買、電影建議。Filmate 最適合喜歡看電影的你,讓你以後不再孤單看電影。

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